Q: How Do I Add Relative Xpath With Customization in Octoparse?



I found that the relative XPath is available only in Wizard Mode when I use Wizard Mode - List/Table and Advanced Mode - List/Table in Octoparse.


This pic is from Wizard Mode for List/Table (Note relative Xpath is available)

This pic is from Advanced Mode for List/Table (Note relative Xpath is NOT available)


When will the relative XPath be available in Octoparse? And how can I add the relative XPath to the Customize Current Action panel?





The Loop Mode for Wizard Mode(List/Table) is the Variable List mode. That’s why the relative XPath appears when you want to modify XPath for data fields.

In most cases, Octoparse V6.2 will extract web elements by an absolute XPath when you create a loop for your task using Advanced Mode. But when you choose the Variable List mode for your loop, Octoparse V6.2 will generate a relative XPath to better position the web elements inside the loop items.

Thus, if and only if you choose the Variable List mode for the loop will the relative XPath appears when you need to modify the XPath in the customization of data fields, either for Wizard Mode(List/Table) or Advanced Mode.

Check out this tutorial to manually modify XPath in Octoparse: Modify Xpath Manuyally in Octoparse


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