Q: Will my data scraped during the free trial vanish before I downgrade to Free Edition?



Description: My trial ends soon. Is there a risk that my 10,000 rows scraped data during the free trial vanishes before I downgrade back to Free Edition?



If you started a free trial of Octoparse, you can use the advanced features and services during the free trial period. After the trial ends, your account will downgrade back to Free Edition and you will not be able to use Octoparse cloud services, and the number of tasks you can create in Octoparse will return to 10.

However, the data you have extracted during the free trial won't vanish after your trial ends. You can still have the data you extracted.

If you want to subscribe our paid plan, you can log in to your Octoparse account and make a purchase when your free trial expires.




If you have any question, we'd happy to help.

Octoparse Support Team

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