Q: How to Disable a Scheduled Scraping Task/Crawler in Octoparse?




If you want to disable your scheduled scraping tasks in Octoparse, you need to find out the scheduled tasks first.

There are two ways to get the scheduled scraping tasks in Octoparse.


Method 1.

You can check all the scheduled scraping tasks both in "Cloud: Waiting" and "Cloud: Stopped" under the "Task Status" of Octoparse.


All the tasks in "Cloud: Waiting" and the tasks with "Scheduled Execution Time" in "Cloud: Stopped" are scheduled scraping tasks.



You can directly double click the task in these task lists to open the task and go to the last step - Done.


Method 2.

You can find the scheduled task in the “My Task” list directly if you know where it is and double click the task to open it.

Go to the last step - Done.



In the last step (Done) of the task, you will see the status of scheduling in the “Schedule Cloud Extraction Settings” option. 


To disable the scheduled scraping task:

1. Click the “Schedule Cloud Extraction Settings” option to edit the schedule.


2. Click the Stop button.


3. Click OK to disable the schedule.





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