Q: How to Extend the Effective Period of a Crawler/Scraping Task in Octoparse?




 The default effective period of a crawler/scraping task created in Octoparse is six(6) months and will be changed when you edit the scraping task.


 For example, if you make a crawler/scraping task in 11/30/2016, the effective date of the crawler/scraping task is from 11/30/2016 to 5/30/2017.


 To extend the effective period of a crawler/scraping task, you can perform the following steps:


  1. Double click a scraping task in the “My Task”, or right-click a scraping task and choose “Edit Task”

  2. Keep clicking the Next button until you are in the last step - Done.


  3. Select the option “Schedule Cloud Extraction Settings”

  4. Change the availability period and click Save.


   5. Click Local Extraction of the scraping task, you will see that the effective period of the scraping task has changed.

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