Q: Can I extract and download images from websites using Octoparse?




Scraping images seems to be a popular request. Unfortunately you can’t use Octoparse to extract the image itself. But you can extract images as the URL of where the image is stored on the website.

You can follow the two steps to get the images URLs .

1. Open the web page in the Octoparse built-in browser.

2. After the page stop loading, create a list of items to extract the URLs.

3. For the first item, right-click the image and choose the “Extract image address of this term” option of the pop-up window. 

Make sure you are locating the appropriate tag. You can click the “Expand the selection area” button that is near the top right-hand corner and observe the selected area on the web page. Keep clicking the button until the target area/the "Extract image address of this term" option appears in the pop-up window.

4. Save and run the task. Export the image URLs.

5. Bulk download images by using an image downloader from image URLs.


You can check out this tutorial: How to Bulk Download Images from A Website?



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