How to change date format in Octoparse?

In many cases, the extracted data are not in the form you want. For example, as the image below shows, the time extracted from the web is shown as the form dd/mm/yy, but let's say you need it to be yy/mm/dd.


How to deal with that? Click the field you want to change. Click "Customize Field". Click "Re-format extracted data".Click “Add steps”. Choose “Re-format the date/time”. Select the form you need (here we choose yyy/MM/dd). Click “Calculate” to check the form and then click “OK” to save the result.

Then when extracting, Octoparse will automatically re-format the time and give you the right data.



Octoparse has totally 8 data re-format functions to deal with different cases. Click here to know more about Data Re-format in Octoparse!

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