Q: How to Import a Task in Octoparse?




You can easily import a task into Octoparse.

To import any task from an OTD file:

1. Open Octoparse

2. There are two ways to find the “Import Task”option

2.1  Navigate to “Quick Start” and choose “Import Task”

2.2  Navigate to “My Task”, click the setting icon  after existing tasks/categories and choose “Import Task”

3. From the pop-up windows, click Next to continue

4. Click the Browse button to choose an OTD file from your computer, select or create a category to place the task

5. Click Finish to complete importing the task.

You will see that the task has been imported into Octoparse, under the category you selected/created.


Similarly, you can always export your task(链接) to your computer.


Download some OTD files from our tutorials now and get some data!



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