Q: What if my IP was blocked when extracting data?




     There are several solutions for you.

1. Stop extracting data for a while and retry later. In the meantime you may need to check your rule in the workflow, and check the website as well to see how it will block your IP address. Then you may need to configure your rule to avoid your IP address being blocked.

2. Use Octoparse Cloud Extraction. Octoparse's paid versions provide many cloud servers in the cloud. Your tasks will be split into many sub-tasks and our cloud servers will be assigned to your sub-tasks, thus will prevent your task being stopped due to the blocks on IP addresses.

Usually the IP address is allocated differently every time you run the task. And the cloud servers will periodically change the IP address.

3. Use web-proxy to manually change your IP addresses.See the screenshot below. When using Local Extraction, click "Use Web-Proxy (HTTP)" under "Extraction Options" and set the proxy. Just paste the IP proxies in the text box and set the switch interval time. Don't forget to click “OK”.



If you have any question, we'd happy to help.

Octoparse Support Team

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