Q: Does Octoparse contain virus? Why my anti-virus software delete all the installed exe. Files and constantly remind virus attack during installation?



If you get the windows “..\OctoparseExtractor\Client\Octopus.TaskReviewer.exe contains this Trojan virus: Win32/Varpes.M!cl” or was warned by your anti-virus software (like the Windows Defender) while installing Octoparse exe.files, the solution is to add Octoparse to the whitelist of your anti-virus software.

Octoparse doesn't contain even one virus. The protection mechanism imposed by Octoparse is mistaken for a virus by your anti-virus software, and all related files that required to run Octoparse may be deleted by your anti-virus software.

So just add Octoparse to the whitelist of your anti-virus software or simply close your anti-virus software before you install Octoparse.




If you have any question, we'd happy to help.

Octoparse Support Team

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