What is Wait Before Execution in Octoparse?


"Wait Before Execution" is a function that allows users to set up a waiting before Octoparse executes some action.

All the actions in Octoparse except "Go To The Web Page" have that option in Advanced Options.

Click Item

Loop Item

Extract Data

Enter Text

Switch Dropdown

Branch Judgment

Cursor Over


When do I need to set up Wait Before Execution?

1. When Octoparse extracts data or executes the next action when a page opens slowly or does not load completely

In some cases, a page opens slowly but Octoparse executes extracting data as usual. In the result, it extracts no data and finishes the extraction or extracts duplicates before the next page comes out. Setting up waiting time before for an action helps the extraction process go well in such situation.

2. When Octoparse extracts data before the data shows on the page

Sometimes the pages are designed not to show the data directly but load the data with JavaScript after the page opens. Octoparse may report extraction failure in such case as it will start extracting right after the page opens. Some waiting time before extracting action would help load the data completely and extract them successfully.

3. When the website blocks IP that visits it too frequently

Setting up waiting time would slow down the extraction process so as to lower the risk of IP being blocked by a website, which is sensative to frequent visits.


Note: Please remember to click "Save" after any of setting.




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