Q: When Will My Credit Card Be Charged the Annual Subscription Fee?



Your payment will be made immediately when you purchase a subscription (monthly or annually).  


All Octoparse subscriptions renew automatically at the end of their billing period. The exact renewal date is shown on your Octoparse profile page.


If you don’t turn off the automatic renewal, a subscription fee (depends on the subscription type you selected) will be automatically charged by the payment method you used to purchase the subscription at your next billing date. Make sure your billing information is up-to-date.


If you don't wish to renew your subscription plan automatically, you can turn off automatic renewal from the Subscription tab of your account profile page before the end of the current period.


After you turn off automatic renewal, at the end of your subscription, your account will revert to a Basic plan(Free account), and Octoparse will not charge a fee. All your tasks created will still be available, with a limited features. If you want to upgrade to a paid subscription, just log into your account and select the subscription plan you want from the Subscription tab.

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